Friday, November 11, 2011

The End of the Line for 2011

This blog has 37 followers; it has approximately 45 or more readers; fewer than 35 individuals have actually posted on this blog.  It is somewhat discouraging to me.  For this reason, I will close this blog for 2011 on Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. All of my posts and all your comments will be permanently deleted.

This blog MAY resume in 2012.  I have not yet made a decision regarding this.

This is one of my soy-based ink monotypes - entitled WARTIME WOODS
For all of my readers, I appreciate your reading the postings and the comments.  For all followers who actually commented, I value your ideas and your involvement in this blog, Thank you.

I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  I hope that the year 2012 is a banner year for all of you.

Please remember to live in the moment and value the NOW.  Be mindful of your place in the universe.  As Robert Frost said, when life is difficult and you need a broader perspective, LOOK UP!

"Choose something like a star."

Dr. Cornelia Wylldestar


  1. I will look up. I may be at the bottom but I have to try. Thank you for your comments and information. Life gets tough and the tough keep going. Hopefully to bigger and better results.

  2. This blog has been for me the best part of the course,I have participated wholeheartedly I am very dissapointed that everyone DID NOT I had very few choices for classes to take this semester because I was new to RCC I have worked very hard and those of you who posted very little did not deserve to be in the class those of us who worked hard should be given first choice at classes. I will say this I am probably older than most of you and when you don't work hard when you are young to have something substantial in your future you will be sorry you didn't work harder whe you were young because when your'e older it's more difficult and if you don't think so ask a college student whose in their late forties v. one in their twenties don't waste your time you can NEVER get it back!

  3. Shepherdmom,
    Try being in your fifties! However age should never be an issue. Your are as young as you feel. I also had the class issue. However, my daughter was able to register two weeks before me and she did not get the classes she had hoped for either. She is thinking of changing schools, due to the rumor is more courses will be deleted next semester almost in half.

  4. It is sad more people did not participate in the blog. I was waiting for a debate on the events of Penn State! What another sad event occurring in our educational system. I am a Penn State fan as my dad and many of his friends are Staters. Jo Pa was one of those iconic positive figures in their lives and many of the youth today. Bad judgement, the money related with college sports or other factors lead us to another dissappointment. Clinton in the White House with Monica, now this, our society has real moral issues to deal with and that need to be addressed. Where are we going?

  5. Ms. Kirchner FYI I am a few weeks away from 50...

  6. Hi Dr CW
    I truly enjoyed the blog commenting also. It is unfortunate that you did not get 100% participation. I gave it my all and overall the course/blog was informative/enlightening. I agree with Tony. I was waiting to comment on the Penn State scene also. Dr CW had some wonderful articles that really made you say hum...hum... This is the end for this class assignment, but I still would not mind following her future blogs, just for fun!!

  7. Hi Dr. C.W. I aplogize for not having any posting to your post. I have been trying to keep up with my math class for it is a difficult suject for me. I have also been stressing out over situation. I have written to you via email. I do enjoy your post, and do read them. I regret for not posting my replies. I do hope that you bring your blog back in 2012. I really beleive that you have some really great post that i highly enjoy reading.I am always learning from you long after my time in your course. Hopefully we can contiune to keep in touch via email.

    -Pauline Ng