Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Catch-up Time! Recent films that I have seen and recommend.

See these films.  If you intend to vote for President, see The Ides of March.  If you want to view a true life story that does more than pull your heartstrings, see The Tale of the Dolphin. 

Every character in the film (The Ides of March)  has the fatal flaw of being human and acting in a less than perfect way.  The secrets and lies of public figures often reflect the mores of the society.  It is important to me to emphasize that political chicanery is not the only arena for hypocrisy and greed.  The corporate society mirrors the same hubris.

If you don't know the significance of the title The Ides of March look up the play, Julius Caesar, by
Will Shakespeare.  If you don't know the definition and the application of the definition of hubris, research it.  We all have our hubris.  It is something to keep in our consciousness when we are feeling smug about ourselves and our virtue.

The title of this blog is contemporary culture in print, film, and digital media.  These two films are a cinematic compare and contrast essay of the best of human potential and the worst of human folly.  See one for reality; see the other for hope.  Tale of the Dolphin is much more than a 'feel good' film.  For me, it shows the importance of the scientific imagination to the improvement of our quality of life.  We have many troops coming home from the mid-East with terrific wounds from IUDs etc.  This film shows the importance of scientific discovery and the importance of positive relations between humans and animals.  We are interdependent.

Have you seen these films?  What are your thoughts?  I'd like to hear from you.  Dr. CW


  1. Hi Dr. CW,
    Hubris pride or arrogance new one 4 me. Always a pride before a fall,arrogance kind of an ugly connotation associated with that one. However animals are a horse of a different color when you mentioned men and women returniing from the middle east I am reminded of military working canines.
    The bond between these dogs and their handlers is not easily described they are a team that I fail to describe with mere words.As you know I am a german shepherd mom and I can tell you there is nothing that compares to the relationship I have with these two dogs they are my friends my protectors they are my steadfast companions. I got Indiana after I moved to Los Angeles and I was very afraid to be by myself at night until....Indiana came along this little ball of black and tan fluff stood on my front porch and barked at 8 weeks od he was ready to protect his home and his momma. I remember seeing him on the porch and hearing him bark and thinking wow I don't have to be afraid anymore.Well almost eleven years later and he's still my bg security blanket. I owe this dog a debt I can never repay.

  2. sheperdmom,
    I so agree with you regarding the bond between dog and owner. We use to have 2.5 acres up in the foothills, our house was in the center of an abandoned nursery. Even though it was completely fenced, we would still get lots of wildlife in our yard. One time I can remember when we first moved in. My children were playing in the yard and a pack of coyotes jumped the perimeter fence, we had our dogs in kennels at the time because we showed them. Anyway, the kids saw the coyotes approaching, who of course had no fear of humans, my kids were all under 10 at the time.
    They ran to the kennels, locked themselves in with the dogs, immediately the dogs placed themselves in front of the kids and started raising all kinds of noise. My husband came down
    fired off a few rounds and the coyotes left. P.S. we had permission to shoot from the forest service if their was a present danger. Even though alaskan malamutes are pussy cats, given a situation of danger, they will react to save their people. We still have two, one 11 and one 4.

  3. I haven't been to the movies in years. I know that that sound weird but I have been so busy with other things. I really want to see The Ides of March because I am interested in politics and it seems like a good movie with a great cast. Tale of the Dolphin looks like a movie that speaks to all ages of movie goers. I feel that I would get a little teary eyed if I were to see this movie because I get very emotional when I watch movies that really touch your heart.