Friday, October 7, 2011

The Wonderful World of WORDLE - You can use this cyber tool.

There is always something new in the digital world.  What I would like to introduce to you are some products of the WORDLE website.  WORDLE is a digital tool that has many uses.  I am writing about it  because it is a means of creating images of material that you may be tested upon whether in an academic course, preparing to take the firefighter's exam, a nursing test, or your driver's license.  It is a MEMORY tool.

WORDLE is the website; its products are often called "Word Clouds".  In today's e-mail, I received an application of the digital tool of WORDLE to the Inaugural Speeches of some presidents.  The Inaugural speeches of Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan and Abraham Lincoln are compared with regard to the dominant and re-occurring words in their specific speeches.  It is an interesting analysis and a good example of what can be done with WORDLE.  The url for this specific WORDLE is

I have also posted some WORDLES I have created regarding critical thinking and higher order thinking skills.  Check out the WORDLE website.  If you have a set of words that you need to remember, consider creating a "word cloud" to help your recall.

You can also use to to make posters, T-shirts, banners, etc.  Caution, if you want more than one word to be connected with another, don't type them with any spaces between the words.  Otherwise the words will be randomly arranged.

Be sure to do more than just look at this website.  It is incredibly user-friendly.  CREATE your own WORDLE; show it on the web; use it as a study aid, ad, greeting card.  - You create it! You name it.

Hope you share both your WORDLE creations and your reactions to this digital tool.  Dr. CW


  1. When I first saw this post I was a little confused by all the words, but after reading it I couldn't help but try to make my own Wordle. I actually used this blog post just to try it out:

    I like how it shows the most important words, or most used. It really does help because it shows where your main focus should be. Especially if it's a subject that is difficult. Thank you for sharing I will be sure to bookmark the page and use it for my studies.
    -Lisa Orellana

  2. I chose to comment on this blog because when I first glanced at it, I thought it was a game, like word search. As I read about the author, Jonathan Feinberg, I like how he has created a visual learning tool. This is also useful for grouping and memory. I like how you use a specific word repeatedly, the text size increases. You can have fun with this learning tool. Everyone has an individual learning style and I think this tool is an effective learning device for visual learners.

  3. I gave this site information to my daughter. She is currently taking first aid at Norco. She loves new learning sites on the computer. I tend to have difficulty with computer oriented exercises. This course has been good for both of us. It has become quality time we are able to share with one another.

  4. I have always been a visual learner. This site brings me insight and provides a new tool for me to help study and gain a better understanding of how visual learning is important in academic success. Wordle assists me in this aspect by allowing me to create my own pictures for any topic, anything that I want to remember. Here is my wordle about life. It won't let me post the actual picture for some reason so here is the link.

  5. I believe that this new digital tool is good for academic purposes and for personal enjoyment. It is interesting to see how your words come out and I feel that it is a fantastic study tool. It really works for visual learners.